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Mission Statement

To provide accommodation in a home-like atmosphere to functionally independent senior citizens. To offer an enhanced quality of life in conjunction with other community services. To promote leisure, recreation, social activities, independence and involvement in family and community life.

Lodge Services

The Peter Dawson Lodge offers room and board service to functionally independent Seniors. Service includes:

Furnishings: Basic room furnishings (single bed/dressors) are provided as well as window coverings, linens and towels.

Housekeeping: Rooms are dusted, vacuumed and cleaned by regular housekeeping staff on a weekly basis.

Meals: The Lodge follows a five week rotating menu which has been approved by a certified dietician. We take pride in our home cooked meals. Family and friends are invited to attend meals.

Laundry Service: All residents are free to wash their personal laundry in the resident laundry room. In the case where a resident does not wish to do his/her own laundry, the lodge provides a laundry service for a fee.

Consultation with local physicians, pharmacies and home care: Homecare administers a Medication Assistance Program in consultation with local Physicians and Pharmacies.

Maintenance: The Lodge has a full-time maintenance person to take care of any necessary repairs and maintenance from plumbing and heating problems to hanging pictures and accessories.

Hair Care: A private hairdresser comes in to the Lodge and provides hair service to the Residents (women and men) one day a week.

Medical Service: Medical services are available through Home Care. This service includes assisted bathing, and regular visits from a health nurse monthly. In addition, a foot doctor and hearing aid specialist make regular visits to the Lodge.

Storage: Locker storage is available however it is somewhat limited.

Office and Mail Service: All residents are issued a Post Office box. Mail is picked up daily (Mon-Fri) at the Vulcan Post Office and sorted into Residents mail boxes. Out-going mail is delivered to the Vulcan Post Office on a daily basis. (Mon-Fri)

Recreation: The Lodge provides a wide range of life enrichment activities to enhance the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of Lodge residents.

Security: The Lodge has non-medical staff on duty 24 hours per day.

Parking: Parking with plug-ins is available to Lodge Residents for a fee.