How To Apply


Self-Contained Housing Application

General Criteria for Admission

It is the general policy of the Marquis Foundation to only accept seniors who are 65 years of age or older. All applicants must be physically and mentally able to look after their own needs including meals, laundry and house cleaning. Applications will be prioritized according to standard Government prioritizing forms. County of Vulcan residents will be given priority over non-County residents. Each application will be considered and accepted or rejected. Appeals may be made to the Marquis Foundation Board.

Peter Dawson Lodge Application

Admission process for the Peter Dawson Lodge

1. A personal application form must be completed and returned to the Peter Dawson Lodge.

2. A medical form must be completed by a Medical Doctor and returned to the Lodge.

3. A personal interview must be conducted with Lodge Management. This is to give the applicant a chance to see the facility and to ask questions regarding its operation. The interview also gives Management an opportunity to determine whether or not the applicant should be accepted as a resident based on Lodge criteria. At the time of the interview, Management will priority rate the applicant and place the applicant on the waiting list in order of priority.

4. The first available room will be offered to the applicant who is deemed to be highest priority of those individuals on the waiting list.

Here are the links to download application forms:

Application for Lodge Admission

SCH Application 

Where to send it?? You can send the completed Application form to the email Address listed below. Thank you for considering us.


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